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NBA Rumors: Avery Bradley's Time In Detroit Short-Lived?


Detroit basketball is the best it has been in years.

For the first time in a while, the Pistons find themselves earning respectability among the other Eastern Conference elites. And while this new movement is founded by the team as a collective, 27-year-old Avery Bradley has a lot to do with the resurgence.

His efforts on both ends of the floor have helped the Pistons become an impressively balanced ball club.

But in a recent chat with media member Jay King of, the Detroit shooting guard gave a suspicious answer in regards to his future with the Pistons.

"I can't answer that question now. We'll see as the year goes on, and once that time comes, I'll worry about it. But right now, I'm just focusing on basketball."

Usually, when players are asked questions like these, they respond with a gesture of loyalty to their team. In this case, though, Bradley didn't exactly confirm that he plans to stick around past this season.

As the weeks fly by, we'll see how the situation in Detroit continues to develop. They are playing great basketball so far, but there may be something less than ideal going on behind the scenes...