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NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons Reportedly Wants To Play For Golden State Warriors Or Dallas Mavericks

NBA Rumors: Ben Simmons Reportedly Wants To Play For Golden State Warriors Or Dallas Mavericks

Despite his best efforts, Ben Simmons remains a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. Over the past few months, he has tried his best to get the team to trade him, going so far as to alienate his teammates and skip out on games and practices.

All-in-all, Simmons' antics have cost him his reputation as well as millions of dollars.

The crazy thing is, it could go on for much, much longer. So far, the 76ers have not yet found a trade partner willing to give up the assets they desire.

As for Simmons himself, his preferences in the West are specific to two locations, according to Insider Mo Mooncey: the Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks,

Per a source in Simmons camp: his preferred teams in the West are Dallas & GSW. He realises GSW is highly unlikely and thinks Philly’s asking price is too steep. Fears the 76ers may not trade him at all.

Simmons, 25, is an elite defender, expert finisher, and master playmaker. Despite his shortcomings as a shooter, he makes a high impact on the floor and his play has been a huge factor in Philadelphia's success over the years.

In Golden State, alongside Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, Simmons would be a perfect fit. With enough shooting to make up for his flaws, he'd be free to do his thing and play his way. Unfortunately, Golden State is unlikely to give up any of their core (which includes James Wiseman) in a trade, making a Simmons arrival there unlikely.

The Mavericks are, seemingly, a much more realistic option. If the Mavs are willing to give up Kristaps Porzingis, and a haul of other players, it could be enough to bring in Ben, whose particular skillset would help enhance Luka Doncic's game.

In the end, it's easy to see why Simmons has his eyes on the Warriors and Mavericks. Those places are probably best suited to his particular talents.

But, at this point, nobody should count on him going anywhere anytime soon.