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NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Growing “Unhappy” With Kyrie Irving

(via Empire Writes Back)

(via Empire Writes Back)

Kyrie Irving is one of the most talented guards in the NBA, that much is no question. Over the past nine years, he has made his mark with his insane ball-handling and scoring abilities.

But to say he is complicated in matters off the court might be a bit of an understatement.

From flat-earth conspiracy theories to the degree of his "wokeness," Irving isn't your typical character when it comes to what he says to fans and reporters. And now, just weeks after his mini media boycott, the Nets guard has officially gone AWOL, with no real explanation.

The team, which has been left to answer for Irving's absence, is apparently reaching their breaking point...

At this point, Durant has expressed nothing but support for his teammate and friend, even after he missed his third-straight game.

Irving is also under got water by the NBA for being spotted partying with his family amid his mysterious absence.

It's understandable why people are raising their eyebrows, and even more so for the team, who owes Uncle Drew roughly $33 million this season.