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NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Close To Signing With Los Angeles Lakers


Carmelo Anthony is still without a team that wants him, with his time in Houston coming to a close, the 10-time All-Star needs to find a new franchise that would be willing to pick him up.

The Los Angeles Lakers seem to be the ideal team that Carmelo is looking to play for, but the team has a full roster currently and it may not be in their interest to cut someone for him.

According to Sam Amick of ‘The Athletic’, a source that is close to LeBron James said that Anthony’s “conditioning and the overall state of his game” will be a major factor in whether the Lakers choose to find a spot on their roster for him.

Amick mentioned that Carmelo has several options available and that he will decide on a team before the NBA trade deadline on the seventh of February.

Just a month ago, LeBron James admits it would be great to have Carmelo Anthony on the Lakers.

Carmelo Anthony remains on the Houston Rockets list but the franchise announced early in the season that the 34-year-old will not be playing again for the team. The last game that Carmelo played in was back on the 8th of November in a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Anthony averaged just 13.4 points per game and shot only 40.5 percent in the 10 games he played in this season.

No matter how the career of Carmelo ends, he will always be known as a powerful shooter and an extremely talented superstar at his prime.