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NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Could Be Plan B For Lakers If They Fail To Acquire Andre Iguodala

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

It is no secret that the Lakers have interest in acquiring veteran forward Andre Iguodala from the Grizzlies. Since the trade from the Warriors, L.A. has tried (and failed) to strike a deal for the 3x Champion.

In a recent article, Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report not only confirmed the Iggy news but also revealed a Plan B for the Lakeshow if he becomes unavailable.

“If the Grizzlies do manage to move Iguodala, however, the Lakers will have to look elsewhere to bolster their roster. Might they add James’ friend and 10-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony to the mix? It’s definitely an idea that James has considered.”

Carmelo Anthony's name has been talked about like a curse in NBA circles recently. The former All-Star remains un-signed nearly a year after being released from the Rockets. His lackluster defensive efforts and inefficiency on offense have made him un-signable by most teams, despite his shining resume.

With the Lakers, there is no telling how he would impact the team. Pairing up with his friend LeBron might bode well for the 10x All-Star, but he will have to improve in other areas if he wants to maximize his value to the franchise.

Only time will reveal the turn of events to come.