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NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Could Sign With Heat

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

For 10x All-Star Carmelo Anthony, his future in the league has never been shrouded in more doubt. Following the end of his 10 game stint with the Rockets, he has yet to find a new home.

Recent speculation, however, may indicate that there is a place for Melo after all. According to Brian Scalabrine on SiriusXM NBA Radio's "The Starting Lineup," Anthony and the Heat could be close to a deal.

"Miami has four roster spots. And, they've got a lot of guys on low guarantees. Right there, there's a need. If they want to do the development thing with young guys, I get it. But, that's really not Miami's forte. They like taking an older guy, like a Carmelo Anthony and saying 'With our good culture, we're going to turn him into what we feel like.' I think Miami's interesting … and because they're lying in the weeds and you haven't talk about it, I actually think there's some traction there."

Father Time has hindered much of Carmelo's game. The former scoring champ averaged just 13.4 points and .5 assists on 40% shooting early last season for the Rockets. And though he has seemingly backed off his "no bench role" stance, his low efficiency and limited playmaking ability have been damning to his chances of a return so far.

If any team is going to give him a chance, it will likely be the Heat -- who has plenty of room and a culture of winning that could very well rub off on the aging star.