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NBA Rumors: Celtics Emerge As 'Stealth Suitors' For Kemba Walker

NBA Rumors: Celtics Emerge As Stealth Suitors For Kemba Walker

The Boston Celtics have seemingly accepted their fate without Kyrie Irving and now they have gotten to work to find a proper replacement for the former Cavalier. They have been involved in news reporting which players will part ways with them instead of ones hinting who they could be bringing this offseason, but now we learned Celtics' plans ahead of next season.

The C’s know that they have to take advantage of their young core and assemble the most talented team possible and it looks like they already found the perfect piece for them. According to Marc Stein, Boston is hunting Charlotte Hornets’ star Kemba Walker as ‘stealth suitors’.

"The Celtics, I'm told, are emerging as a stealth suitor for Charlotte Hornets free agent Kemba Walker."

It is unclear what he means by ‘stealth suitors’, given that nowadays nobody can move in this league without people noticing, and reporting it, but that’s how Stein pictures the Greens and their approach to the soon-to-be free agent. Moreover, Stein pointed out the Celtics have a fluid cap-room situation and are weighing their needs on the backcourt and frontcourt. The Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell confirmed Stein’s reports and made things clearer for fans, reporting that the Celtics are “seriously interested” in signing Walker once free agency opens on June 30. Kemba would be a great addition to the Celtics and the perfect replacement for outgoing Kyrie Irving, but the Hornets expect to have plenty of suitors for Walker, which won’t make things easier for Boston.