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NBA Rumors: Celtics Won’t Give Up On Anthony Davis Even If Kyrie Irving Leaves

NBA Rumors: Celtics Won’t Give Up On Anthony Davis Even If Kyrie Irving Leaves

It is thought by many people that whatever they decide to do this summer, the Boston Celtics will keep tabs on what Kyrie Irving does with his future. The Celtics are said to be one of the favorite organizations to get Anthony Davis this offseason, but the price they'd have to pay to acquire the Brow, who would become an unrestricted free agency next summer, could be too risky for them if they do not have Irving within the roster.

Or maybe not, according to others. For instance, during the latest episode of "The Crossover" with Chris Mannix, Mannix and his guest Rohan Nadkarni of Sports illustrated, explained that even if Kyrie decided to leave Boston this free agency, that wouldn’t change nothing of their stance on Anthony Davis.

"From what I understand, they're not going to take their foot off the gas when it comes to pursuing Anthony Davis," Mannix said.

This came on the same day reports where indicated Irving had a strong mutual interest with the Nets. If that goes through, the C’s will have to make a decision; either they give everything they have to land AD or build around their talented core of youngsters, a similar situation to the Los Angeles Lakers. Trading for Davis is a risk that could pay off for the Celtics, just like we learned with Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors.

"If you want a superstar like him, go get him and prove to him that your culture is worth keeping a player like that around," Nadkarni said.

Curiously, Boston had the chance to trade for Kawhi last season and seeing how good that move resulted for the Raptors, they don’t want to miss a similar opportunity this one.

"I do know that there is some regret with some people in the Celtics organization about not pulling the trigger on a Kawhi Leonard deal," Mannix said. "They could have made a deal for him involving Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart, or at least with Brown as the centerpiece."

Now they have to decide if they want to risk something that could take them to play for meaningful things in the future like their young core or trade a big part of the roster in order to land a superstar like Anthony Davis. Either way, it looks like Kyrie’s decision won’t affect what the team is planning to do.