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NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Could Create A Big 3 With Bradley Beal

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The Chicago Bulls are sitting at 11th in the Eastern Conference, on the verge of getting eliminated from playoffs contention. They didn't have big expectations before the start of the season with their young core of players but things got a little better for them. 

After trading for Nikola Vucevic, the hype around them was bigger but the results never came. The Swiss big man didn't click with the guard and the team have really turned things around. 

However, the Bulls' front office isn't done yet. They are reportedly interested in bringing another piece to create a Big 3 with their star duo. K.C. Johnson of NBC Chicago says that the team could be interested in landing Bradley Beal. 

That’s the thing to remember. I expect plenty of change this offseason. But I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bulls try to work their books so that they have significant cap space in 2022. There already is speculative talk around the league — emphasis on speculative — that Bradley Beal could be a target. I assume that’s largely because of his relationship with Donovan. It’s speculative for many reasons, not the least of which that there’s no guarantee that Beal will be a free agent then. He owns a player option for 2022-23. But he’d be an intriguing piece alongside LaVine and Vučević.

The Bulls have had a hard time trying to find their touch in the league. So when things pointed out they were going to rebuild, the front office made a big move and landed Vucevic from Orlando. 

Now they could pull off an even more significant move with Beal but only time will tell if they're able to do so.