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NBA Rumors: Chris Paul Rejected A Reunion With Doc Rivers, Daryl Morey In Philadelphia

NBA Rumors: Chris Paul Rejected A Reunion With Doc Rivers, Daryl Morey In Philadelphia

Chris Paul has once again become an important player in a winning team, this time taking the Phoenix Suns to the 2nd position in the Western Conference alongside Devin Booker. The point guard was linked with a series of teams in the offseason, including the Los Angeles Lakers but Sam Presti of the Oklahoma City Thunder sent him to Phoenix and he can't be happier about it.

There were more options for him, though, and Sam Amick of The Athletic recently revealed that a reunion with Doc Rivers and Daryl Morey in Philadelphia was part of the plans for the team but the player didn't entertain that idea, which ultimately took him to Arizona.

Ironically, sources say Philadelphia — with Morey having taken over the Sixers’ front office just weeks before Paul was sent to the Suns, and his former Clippers coach, Doc Rivers, part of their program too — made a spirited push to land Paul. The Sixers even believed there was some traction on a possible deal. The interest from Paul, however, was not mutual. With Paul targeting Phoenix as the best fit professionally and personally, and Presti in a much-improved negotiating position because of the way Paul had played, the Suns had won the CP sweepstakes.

“The way I built the team was that if you give me a playmaker or a distributor with young guys who are selfless players, put them next to Devin Booker…” Jones said before pausing. “Ricky Rubio (who was sent to Oklahoma City in the deal) was tremendous for us. But if you put Chris Paul in that position, can we be better? And can he help our other guys be better? It’s a track record, an expectation that he would be able to do that, but knowing that our team was constructed for, and built, so a guy like Chris could have success. So it’s all about the need and the team. …What we needed was another playmaker. We needed Chris.”

CP3 is very excited to be where he is right now and he told Amick that he loves being in Phoenix and enjoying the present. He has his player option for this summer but isn't too worried about it. He wants to play and is doing that until he can't anymore.

“I mean first and foremost, I love it here,” Paul said when asked about the option and whether Phoenix might be his final NBA stop. “I don’t know how many years I’ve got left. I don’t really think about that either. I feel too good.”

“Seriously, this summer, I have no clue. As much as I’m involved in the union and stuff like that, I don’t know what anybody’s teams are, (what their) caps are, I don’t know none of that stuff. I just play. And like I say, I’m lucky to have my brother, my brother who helps. I focus on playing.”

Paul is one of those guys who has a big impact on any team. The point God has made every squad where he's played better and that's something that a lot of people will try to get this offseason if he becomes a free agent. Seeing how well he keeps playing, he won't miss suitors but time will tell if the veteran decides to stay in Phoenix or tries his look somewhere else trying to win that elusive championship.