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NBA Rumors: Chris Paul Wants To Return To Clippers, Does Not Want To Play For Lakers

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

As the offseason rages on, star point guard Chris Paul appears to be preparing for another move. And while nobody knows where he might end up (if anywhere at all), a new report by ESPN's Stephen A. Smith tells us where he won't be going: the LA Lakers.

“CP3 does not want to go to the [Los Angeles] Lakers,” said Smith. “The reasons he doesn’t want to go to the Lakers is because they’re already established, they’re already accomplished, and there’s really nothing to do for them. They would only be doing something for him, and that is ring-chasing, and that’s not the kind of ring-chasing that he wants to be a part of in terms of stacking the deck. He’d rather go some place where he could be himself and be the leader that he is.”

According to Stephen A., Paul doesn't want to sign with the Lakers because they've already established themselves as NBA Champions. Clearly, Paul doesn't want to be seen as a "ring chaser" or one who looks for the easy way out.

Instead, in a report by NBA Insider Ryen Russillo says he'd rather return to the franchise he called home for six seasons...

CP3 helped the Clippers through one of their best periods as a franchise. A consistent force in the West for years, the "Lob City" Clippers were not only good, but they were also very, very exciting to watch.

It was there that Paul was at his best, averaging 18.8 points, 9.8 assists, and 4.2 rebounds on 47.5% shooting.

If he returns, to play alongside Kawhi Leonard (who has apparently already recruited him) and Paul George, there's a good chance he'll be able to help win them a title. It'd be a true Cinderella story for basketball fans.