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NBA Rumors: Clippers Are Frontrunners To Sign Carmelo Anthony

(via The Big Lead)

(via The Big Lead)

With the door to the Lakers now closed, Carmelo Anthony's future in the NBA has never been so uncertain. After being denied from Team USA, and every other roster in the league, the path for his return seems to be leading nowhere.

Fortunately, there is still hope for Anthony to get another chance, and the Clippers currently present the most likely opportunity.

According to Sam Amico, the Clips may look at the 10x All-Star to improve their second-unit.

“The Los Angeles Clippers are contemplating the idea of trying to sign a veteran free agent, primarily for help in reserve, and talk around the league is forward Carmelo Anthony and guard Iman Shumpert are among the names they are considering.”

After short, and unsuccessful, stints in Houston and Oklahoma City, Melo's reputation took a nose-dive even further than his game did.

Now, Anthony is struggling to prove he still has something to offer to an NBA roster. In response to these assumptions, Anthony's camp spoke to's Sean Deveney about the "truth."

“He has been the scapegoat for a few teams that didn’t play up to their potential,” the source told Deveney.

“Obviously that is sticking with him. They’re showing teams he can play, but they’re also making the case that the negative reputation stuff is BS, that he is not a team-killer, that other people put blame on him the last few years that he didn’t deserve.”

It will be an uphill battle for Melo and those in his circle as he fights his way through the negativity. The battle itself, however, is still far from over.