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NBA Rumors: Clippers Could Land Third Star Next Season

(via Sportsnaut)

(via Sportsnaut)

The L.A. Clippers hit the jackpot this summer when they acquired not one, but two NBA superstars in the middle of their primes.

After decades of losing, they are primed now to be in the title race for many years to come. And, according to Michael Shapiro of Sports Illustrated, they might not be done building their roster.

In his search for the next NBA superteam, Shapiro named the Clippers as a possible destination for a "big three" assuming both Kahwi and PG stay on board.

The Lakers’ deal for Davis forced them to deal nearly every young asset on the roster, save for Kyle Kuzma. And while their collection of future draft picks is a slight upper hand on the Clippers, they don’t hold significant value given they’ll likely fall in the late 20s. The Clippers still have chips to cash in. Landry Shamet and Patrick Beverley are under contract until July 2022. Ivica Zubac’s deal lasts through 2022-23. Los Angeles could also re-sign Montrezl Harrell this summer, then trade him in future seasons. If Leonard and George commit to the Clippers again after 2020-21, they could quickly move to acquire a third star, fueling the Western Conference’s next dynasty. 

Obviously, the Clippers wouldn't have a hard time trying to sell another star on their product. They're in one of the highest market cities in America, have a stellar coaching staff/front-office, and are already set to win with Kahwi and PG there for the next few years.

Whether it's Giannis, Griffin, Lowry, or Paul, the Clippers have a number of options and it's clear they intend on exploring them. Regardless, don't expect them to stand P.A.T.