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NBA Rumors: Clippers Could Pick Up Jeremy Lin To Complete Roster

NBA Rumors: Clippers Could Pick Up Jeremy Lin To Complete Roster

After having arguably the best offseason of their history, the Los Angeles Clippers are widely regarded as the biggest favorites to win the NBA title next season, along with their city neighbors the Los Angeles Lakers.

Following the arrival of both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, the Clippers are set to take it all next season.

They landed two superstars that will enhance their level since day one, but now they will have to sign some role players to add depth to their roster. In recent days, the Clippers were linked with a veteran player who’s been ignored by every team across the league this summer and could actually help them to round out their roster.

Frank Urbina of USA Today’s HoopsHype suggested that Jeremy Lin can be a great addition to the Clips, who are a little short of personnel in the backcourt, with Patrick Beverley the only true point guard on the roster and recently-signed Derrick Walton behind him on the depth chart.

Even though Lin didn’t have the best playoffs last season with the Toronto Raptors, playing only 27 minutes over the postseason and only one minute during the Finals, Urbina stated that the Clippers are a very good destination for him, although that doesn't mean he will see a lot of action.

“He might not get as much playing time as he would in a different situation, but Lin’s best bet to stick at this point in his career is to find his way onto a contender and accept a minimal role while staying ready in case there’s an injury, or something of the sort that will give him exposure on an elite team.”

Marc Stein of The New York Times had previously stated that Lin’s decrease of playing time was a signal that he was going to have a difficult time finding another team in the league this offseason. He noted that Lin’s age and not being as explosive as he once was would be a major factor for teams to not take the guard into consideration.

“The reality is that Lin’s movement, at nearly 31, isn’t what it once was,” Stein noted. “Teams are unsure if he still has the mobility to play such a demanding position.”

To Stein, the 31-year-old would get another shot in the league if injuries strike another team at some point in the preseason or early on in the year.

Lin hasn’t had the best time this summer. He recently said he felt the league gave up on him, fighting back tears in an appearance in Taiwan.