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NBA Rumors: Clippers Not Out Of Play For Kawhi Leonard After Meeting For Dinner In Los Angeles

(via CityNews Toronto)

(via CityNews Toronto)

The Clippers were somehow counted out of the Kawhi race as soon as yesterday when reports circulated by Fox Sport's Chris Broussard that the 2x Finals MVP apparently informed the Clippers he would not be signing with them.

Hours later, it seems we have reason to doubt that report. Whether feelings change or Chris was given wrong information, there is no evidence Kawhi has ruled out the Clippers. Not only has Broussard deleted the original report about Kawhi eliminating the Clippers, but Kendrick Perkins (former NBA center and current ESPN analyst) delivered a report that directly refuted that claim.

So, if he still can be swayed to sign with the Clips, what will it take to close the deal? While the Lakers still hold the upper hand, what Doc Rivers says in his reported meeting with Kawhi tonight could tip the scales in their favor, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Kawhi and the Clippers also met for dinner last night in L.A., in a report by LAC insider Kenny Hawkes.

Yes, it is a waiting game for Kawhi. The community is aware that it may take several more days for Leonard to make up his mind. But as Chris Broussard pointed out earlier, again refuting his earlier report, nobody knows what Kawhi is thinking.

The race is still very much open for Kawhi Leonard. And yes, the Clippers have as much of a chance as anyone.