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NBA Rumors: Donovan Mitchell's Top Preference Is To Play For The Knicks Despite Not Making Official Trade Request To Jazz

Donovan Mitchell

After another subpar campaign for the Utah Jazz, there was a sense that big changes were coming to the franchise. And, as many predicted, Rudy Gobert was the first domino to fall.

With his departure came the opening of an opportunity for Donovan Mitchell. According to Tim Macmahon, Mitch has not yet asked for a trade from Utah, but there is no question that his heart lies with the Orange and Blue.

"Donovan [Mitchell] is not forcing his way out. But I think we all understand that his strong preference would be to go ahead and get traded to New York."

The Knicks haven't had much success over the years, and Mitchell wouldn't make them contenders by himself. But his presence would signal the start of a new era of hope that the team's fans haven't enjoyed in too many years.

The good news is, by all accounts, a deal with the Knicks is already pretty much a done deal.

"I've been receiving texts, as we speak that the Donovan Mitchell deal is done. It's agreed upon," confirmed Jake Scott and Ben Anderson on the Jake & Ben podcast. "They're working on some final details to be announced here shortly. And quote, 'it's a haul'. These are just texts, I haven't confirmed because I just got them right now, but yeah. There's connections there. It's only a matter of 'when', not 'if'. The 'when' could be stretched out, but I've been told it's not."

It remains to be seen what the Knicks would give up in a deal for Mitchell, but the price is high. At the very least, New York will have to send a stockpile of young assets and picks in return for any trade with the Jazz.

Still, it might be worth it to get a star of Donovan's caliber in a Knicks jersey. We all know how long it has been since the franchise has pulled off something like this...