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NBA Rumors: Draymond Green Expected To Leave Warriors After 2020

Draymond Green

With all eyes in Kevin Durant, it may be another Warrior prepping to leave the squad.

Not long ago, Draymond hires LeBron’s agent Rich Paul, a very suspicious move. Keeping in mind what happened with Anthony Davis after he hired Paul. Sam Amick said the Dubs could be in real danger of losing their defensive juggernaut.

“We got to learn from the AD situation,” Amick said, per CBS Sports Radio. “Anthony Davis went out and got Rich, and everybody said, ‘Well, that probably is not a good sign for the Pelicans,’ and sure enough, it wasn’t.”

“He’s going to be a free agent in 2020 in a very weak free agency class,” Amick said. “So even if there were no issues with your current team, it would behoove you to get as much kind of juice in your corner as possible and take advantage of that market.”

Basically, no matter how much Draymond likes the Warriors, it would be in his best interest to test the market anyway.

Of course, the Lakers would be interested... we just don’t know what their offer might look like.

But if he were to leave the Warriors, it would be a significant blow to the team. He sets a defensive tone for the squad and plays within his role perfectly.

It’ll be interesting to see if this latest move is a sign of things to come or just a way to help maximize his coming free-agency.