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NBA Rumors: Elton Brand Reportedly Wanted To Trade ‘Not Coachable’ Ben Simmons


Although they are a few hours away to play their third playoff game this season, the Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons haven’t had the most desired campaign so far since internal issues have started to damage the good ambient there was in the team last season. It is known that head coach Brett Brown is holding on to his job as strong as he can, but that seems to be a pointless move right now.

Brown lost control in the locker room a couple of months ago and that was reflexed during the entire campaign. On March 25, Ben Simmons sat out a 21-point loss to the Orlando Magic due to a “stomach virus.”

According to Chris Sheridan of the New York Daily News, Simmons spent the night prior to that game partying in Orlando. The “stomach virus” was a complete lie and the Australian got away with it. It is precisely Ben Simmons who appears as one of the most recurrent topics of discussion for every Sixers’ fan at this very moment, as everything that happens in the organization involves Ben Simmons, whether he wants or not.

In recent hours, a report of the Sixers’ general manager Elton Brand saw the light, in which Brand told the ownership sometime before the trade deadline that the organization needed to consider trading Simmons because he’s was simply not coachable, and was a regular-season player who got exposed in the playoffs every year.

Of course, that proposal was dismissed, as the team considers both Simmons and Joel Embiid untouchable, no matter who or what they are getting in return. However, maybe Brand has a valid point, as a big number of coaches have tried to help Simmons improve his free throw shooting, but he doesn’t appear to be listening or even be interested to listen to them.

This upcoming offseason might be a very entertaining one in Philly; no one knows what could happen and who can end up leaving the team or staying.

Update: Sixers denied Elton Brand's request to trade Ben Simmons

Brett Brown: “I am aware of it. I have not read it, and I won’t, and I have nothing to say about it.”

Simmons responds on the report that he missed Orlando game for something other than a stomatch bug:

“You’re talking about the regular season?” asked Simmons. “We’re talking about playoffs, man. It’s playoffs right now.”