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NBA Rumors: Extra Money Will Not Be A Factor For Anthony Davis' Upcoming Decision


Teammates, coaches, and culture is a big part of what factors into the free-agent decision of NBA stars. They consider both on and off the court advantages.

They also consider money. And a few years ago, when the super-max contract became a thing, it was supposed to encourage big stars to stay on their small-market teams. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.

Unfortunately, for the New Orleans Pelicans, they find themselves in the latter with Anthony Davis.

"According to a source with knowledge of Davis' thinking," writes The Athletic's Sam Amick, "he does not see the extra $87.3 million that New Orleans is expected to offer in a five-year $239.5 million supermax extension this summer as a factor in his eventual decision."

This is a huge blow for the Pelicans. The one advantage they had over L.A. and Boston was the fact that they alone could offer the super-max, 239 million dollar deal.

If Anthony Davis is really not going to be swayed by the extra money, it means there's no real reason for him to stay when he's due for free agency in 2020.

Especially not when LeBron James and the Lakers are waiting.