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NBA Rumors: Golden State Warriors, Brooklyn Nets Have Expressed Interest In Jeremy Lin

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

It looks like Jeremy Lin's dream of returning to the NBA might be closer than we think. Reports from China suggest that two of the biggest teams entering this NBA season are interested in acquiring his services for the upcoming campaign. Lin's last team in the NBA were the Toronto Raptors, whom he won the 2019 NBA Finals during that magical championship run led by Kawhi Leonard.

Lin spent the last season in China, playing in the CBA. He made it clear that his goal was to play in the NBA and even though he went to Asia to play basketball, his focus was on coming back to the association at any cost. He recently shared his desire to return to the league to fight his traumas and fears and prove himself that he can do it.

“This isn’t about chasing the shadow of Linsanity. Or proving anyone right or wrong. Or about money, fame, reputation or power. It’s about God’s glory and kingdom. It’s about goin right at all my past traumas and fears, instead of being forever crippled by them…I couldn’t sleep right for 3 weeks with this decision weighing over me. I was brought to tears trying to verbalize the struggle to my family.”

Fortunately for him, it seems like teams are turning their heads to him and Weixin (via HoopsHype) reports that the Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets are interested in signing Lin this offseason.

"According to a reliable source, the Golden State Warriors have expressed a clear interest in Jeremy Lin. The Warriors’ core Curry likes Jeremy Lin’s way of playing and clearly expressed his hope that he can join the Warriors. Although Jeremy Lin has not made a decision yet, this Obviously it is already one of his very important choices."

"In addition to the Warriors, the Nets are also likely to be one of the teams that Jeremy could join in the future. Everyone knows that the owner of the Nets is Joe Tsai. He has always hoped that the team can have Chinese elements in it. More importantly, Joe Tsai and Jeremy Lin have very good personal relationships."

The future looks very promising for Lin if these rumors are to be believed. He actually spent some time with both teams in the past and even though things have changed, one would imagine he wouldn't have any issues adapting to any of them. He was trying to return to the association since he left the Raptors, now two of the best teams in the league are interested in him.

It looks like he will have the final say in this whole situation.