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NBA Rumors: Heat Believe They Can Return John Wall To All-Star Form

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

5x All-Star John Wall was once considered amongst the most talented point guards in the NBA. "The Flash" was winning dunk contests, making All-Star teams, and cementing his legacy as an elite in the league before a devastating Achilles injury derailed his career.

Now, with no clear path for the future, many are wondering if Wall can ever return to his previous form.

Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat are one of the few who believe he can -- with their help, of course. According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the team still considers it possible for Wall to make a full recovery if he ends up in Miami.

What about the other scenario, with the Heat taking on both Wall and Beal with the understanding that Miami wouldn’t need to give up nearly as much quality in return?

As we reported in early July, that scenario has been seriously discussed inside the Heat and there’s sentiment to do that, because of how much the Heat loves Beal and because of the internal belief that Miami can get Wall back to All-Star level following his ruptured Achilles, which is expected to sideline him this upcoming season.

What does this mean for the bigger picture? Well, the Heat are considering trading for both John Wall and Bradley Beal -- a move that would vault them several tiers up in the East.

But is taking on a guy like John Wall worth it? He has a bad reputation when it comes to being a leader in the locker room, and his athletic skill-set is probably not going to be the same as it was before the unfortunate injury. He is set to make $170M over the next 4-years.

A very risky move to make, but one the Heat have been contemplating for a while, it seems.

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