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NBA Rumors: Isaiah Thomas Says He's Talked To Four Teams About An NBA Return

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Isaiah Thomas is a former All-Star that has been a free agent for the majority of last season, although he did appear in 3 games for the New Orleans Pelicans. Despite going unsigned in free agency thus far, Isaiah Thomas has not given up his attempts to return to the NBA. It is clear that all Thomas wants is a chance to prove himself, and a veteran's minimum, he is a gamble that is worth it.

It is easy to see how Isaiah Thomas could contribute to a team. Thomas' offense and shooting could allow him to be a solid enough scorer coming off the bench if he's healthy. It seems as though there are definitely franchises around the league that are interested in Thomas. According to Isaiah Thomas himself, he has spoken to four different teams about a potential NBA comeback.

There were prior reports that have linked Isaiah Thomas to several teams around the league. One report stated that the Los Angeles Lakers were interested in Thomas, and he could definitely be another shooter that would help the playmaking stars on their roster. He has also been connected with the Boston Celtics, with NBA Insider Marc Stein revealing that the Boston Celtics have had "exploratory discussions" about a reunion with the point guard, though those plans are likely on the backburner with the Celtics acquiring Dennis Schroder. However, it is clear that there is at least some interest in Thomas around the league.

It remains to be seen whether Isaiah Thomas will end up getting signed. However, what we do know is that Isaiah Thomas has been working hard to get back to being a player in the NBA once again. Hopefully, Isaiah Thomas is able to get an opportunity with a team, even if it is in a smaller role.