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NBA Rumors: Isaiah Thomas Working Out With Dallas Mavericks

NBA Rumors- Isaiah Thomas Working Out With Dallas Mavericks

It wasn't that long ago that Isaiah Thomas was an MVP candidate in Boston. During his three-year stint with the franchise, he was one of the best scorers in the game, averaging 24.7 points per game, 6 assists, and 2.7 rebounds per game on 44% shooting.

It was a hip injury that originally stunted his career and after being traded to Cleveland in 2017, he struggled to re-find his footing in the league. He jumped to L.A., Denver, and New Orleans before being exiled from the NBA completely.

And now, he's angling for a comeback.

That's the only goal... is to be in the NBA, to be on a roster. I know I got the talent to do it. I'm finally healthy. I'm just waiting on the opportunity. And I know at some point when it does come, I'm gonna take full advantage of it, and I'm gonna do it with a smile on my face.

I've worked out with some teams... Teams have seen me move. They just seen me be who I am. That's what the biggest thing for me is, to get it out there so people can see that I'm healthy. So people can see I have no restraints, I have no restrictions. I'm 100% ready to go. I've been working out with guys, I've been ready. I'm just waiting on the opportunity, I'm waiting on the right opportunity for me to showcase my skills, and be able to have an opporuntity to play at the highest level, and show that I can compete at a very high level.

While there were rumblings about him possibly joining the Lakers, the Mavericks are now apparently giving him some consideration.

Free agent guards Isaiah Thomas, Lance Stephenson and Monta Ellis worked out for the Dallas Mavericks today, sources tell me and @JonKrawczynski. Thomas appeared to be in great shape, sources say, as he works to make an NBA return.

Thomas only played three games for the Pelicans last season, so it seems he never got a real chance to prove himself.

Hopefully, whether it's with the Mavs or some other franchise, we'll get to see him do his thing once again.