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NBA Rumors: James Dolan Preparing To Sell The Knicks

James Dolan

With so much on the line for New York these next few months, an internal change may be on the way as well.

James Dolan, long-time owner of the Knicks, is apparently courting offers to sell the team, meaning he might be sending his team into new ownership hands before too long. Bill Simmons, on his latest podcast, revealed all the details.

“James Dolan is courting offers for the Knicks,” Simmons said. “He really cares about buildings and the in-game/in-concert experience, and he wants to put even more money into that. Like The Forum in LA, which is an amazing place to see a concert, what they’ve done with Madison Square Garden. He really cares about the buildings.”

Simmons goes on to explain that the Knicks don't do a whole lot of good for Dolan anyway.

“The Knicks are just a pain in the a–. People s— on him for it. He feels like if he can just sell the Knicks for some crazy price, he can put that money back into some of the music and game experience stuff that he cares about,” Simmons added. “The Knicks are available, from what I’ve heard.”

Dolan is apparently seeking around $5 billion for the Knicks, with Madison Square Garden not included. And while this potential change of ownership may not seem like anything too important, it could have profound impacts on the team.

Part of the reason the Knicks have been unable to attract any big name stars is because of Dolan's careless attitude. With a new owner in place, it could make the Knicks a very hot location for potential free-agents. Is it a coincidence that KD (and maybe Kyrie) are now on the table the same year that Dolan is possibly selling the team?

With enough cap-space to bring in a big name, and with a lot of those names rumored to have interest in the NBA's biggest market, a replacement to James Dolan may be the only thing this team needs to turn around their fortunes.

Then again, in an update by Madison Square Garden Network, this whole story may just be a fabrication. They denied the availability of the team in a public statement.

"The story is 100% false. There has been nothing. No discussions. No plans to have discussions - nothing."

If Dolan is staying on, then it appears he might finally see some success for his team. Either way, remain cautious at the idea of the Knicks exchanging ownership hands any time soon.