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NBA Rumors: Jimmy Butler Could Be Going To Lakers This Offseason

Jimmy Butler

For some of us, the summer of 2019 is a pandora's box. With myriads of names available on the free agent market, it can be hard to predict how things will turn out when it's all said and done.

But for NBA executives around the league, most think they have a good idea where upcoming free agents will sign in July, including Jimmy Butler, whose status with the 76ers has been a big question since his arrival.

“Rival executives will tell you, without hesitation, that Durant is bound for the Knicks; that Irving is likely to join him; that Leonard likes the Clippers; that Butler might choose the Lakers — unless he chooses the Nets,” Bleacher Report's Howard Beck reported.

With Durant and Kyrie headed to New York and Leonard going to the Clippers, Butler would be one of the only tier-A free agents left. Granted, JB is not a bad acquisition. He is one of the league's top two-way players and has the type of aggressive mentality that would work well with LeBron.

His drama-laden tenures in Chicago and then in Minnesota do pose a problem, however. Unless the Lakers unload their young guys, Butler could bring some locker room tension with his arrival.

As the Lakers try another round of the LeBron James storybook, what they do this summer will have profound impacts on what happens the following season. Butler could be the key to jumpstarting their roster, so long as they surround him with the right parts.