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NBA Rumors: Jimmy Butler Recruiting Bradley Beal To Heat

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

The Miami Heat struck gold with the acquisition of Jimmy Butler. With him in Miami, the team grew a step closer towards championship contention.

Even with Butler, however, they do not have enough to content — even in the East. They will need another piece.

Could Bradley Beal be that piece?

According to, Butler has already started the recruiting process.

The Miami Heat and Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal have been linked a lot during this year’s NBA offseason, and after Heat forward Jimmy Butler’s latest social media activity, those rumors will undoubtedly persist.

That’s because the Heat’s marquee acquisition of the offseason followed Beal on Instagram on Wednesday.

Butler Instagram

There have long been rumors of Miami’s interest in Beal. Though the Wizards recently offered him a max extension, they might consider trading him if he denies a long-term commitment to the franchise.

With the combination of Butler and Beal, the Heat would be primed for an elite season in the East and could make things interesting for Philly and Milwaukee going forward.

But is a social media follow really an indication of something to come? Maybe not, but the noise regarding Beal and the Heat franchise have been too loud to ignore. At the very least, we can expect them to keep their eyes on the young guard.