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NBA Rumors: Kawhi Leonard Just Bought A House In Toronto



Raptors fans are holding their breath as the Finals head back to Oracle Arena for Game 3, tied 1-1. In the franchise's first appearance, it has been nothing short of spectacular. And even without the injuries, dare I say they might pose a chance to win it all?

Nonetheless, even if they do win, the worry is only half over for Toronto. Their biggest star and franchise cornerstone Kawhi Leonard will hit free agency, and most reports will tell you that the Clippers are his number one destination. One bit of recent news could change that line of thinking.

According to Michael Landsberg, the 3x All-Star just bought some property in Toronto... indicating he might be planning on staying long-term.

Now, it should be noted, he does have a place in Los Angeles as well and lives there during the summer. But why buy a new house in Toronto if you never plan on passing through for more then a couple of road games a year? It is good news for the Raptors indeed.

Will winning a Championship help or hurt those chances? Will the Raptors make any other moves to adapt their roster if he stays? There are a lot of questions regarding the future of this franchise, ones that can only be solved by Kawhi's impending decision in July.