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NBA Rumors: Kawhi Leonard Will Consider The Knicks In Free Agency

(via NBC News)

(via NBC News)

For Kawhi Leonard, though he is on the verge of an NBA Championship, his path this summer is anything but clear.

After a dramatic run in San Antonio, and a successful season with the Raptors, he will become a free agent. Several reports have hinted he wants to return home to Los Angeles, but could he be bound for New York?

FS1 analyst Cris Carter explained on First Thing First why we can't rule out that possibility.

“The probability [of Kawhi going to the Knicks] is high… higher than people think,” Carter said. “I believe the Knicks have a shot to land Kawhi and KD."

Carter has a real connection to Kawhi's camp and was one of the most informative sources regarding his previous situation with the Spurs. The Knicks have never been considered as a possible landing spot for the 3x All-Star, but it appears we will have to re-think that assumption.

Following the injury scare to Kevin Durant, we might see a harder push by the Knicks to pursue Leonard. Only time will tell if that push will be enough to secure his services.

But as Kawhi and the Raptors hope to close out the Warriors on Thursday, they will be making their own attempt to keep the star that is responsible for so much of their success this season.