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NBA Rumors: Kawhi Return Imminent?


As much as things have changed this season, one big storyline has been severely overlooked this season: Kawhi Leonard mysterious quad injury, which has sidelined him for the first 20 games of the season.

While the Spurs have fared decently in his absence, they haven't been able to keep up with the West's most elite. They don't look bad, but they don't look great either. If not for Greg Popovich's genius, they'd likely be doing much worse.

But according to one expert (reported by Express-news), a Kawhi return in the next few weeks is not unreasonable:

"Usually, it’s just a matter of doing the appropriate type of treatment to get better tissue in that area," said Sabrina Strickland, an expert in orthopedic sports surgery. "But with ones that are more chronic, that’s when players tend to have more aggressive treatment, something more evasive than just the rest-and-rehab route, such as platelet-rich plasma [therapy]."

So far, the Spurs have been silent on the details surrounding Leonard's right quadriceps tendinopathy, and have yet to offer an official timetable for his return. On the bright side, nobody has heard anything regarding a PRP injection.

Leonard is still not practicing, and likely still has a ways to go, but a return to the court in a few more weeks could be what's in store.

Only one thing is clear in regards to this whole situation: The Spurs certainly miss their star, and want him back as soon as possible.