NBA Rumors: Kemba Walker Was "Heartbroken" After Thunder Trade

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NBA Rumors- Kemba Walker Was "Heartbroken" After Thunder Trade

It was just a year ago that Kemba Walker left the Charlotte Hornets for a fresh start in Boston. The veteran point guard had been among the best scoring guards in the league at the time, and it was believed his arrival would help the Celtics make a deep playoff run.

Unfortunately, Kemba struggled to get a solid footing all season long, and his lackluster performance continued into the playoffs, where the Celtics were promptly sent home in 5 games.

Following the playoff exit, Kemba was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for talented big man Al Horford. And while the Celtics are excited about having Al back in town, reports say that Kemba was heartbroken upon hearing the news.

(via The Athletic)

According to sources Walker was “heartbroken” over the trade, particularly because of his strong relationships with his teammates.

Stevens needed to achieve several objectives with this move, and that started with making sure a major portion of the payroll was not dedicated to a player struggling through injury as it has ever since Isaiah Thomas injured his hip in 2017. Horford will go a long way to making the team defensively coordinated again. Yet it was still a tough decision because Stevens emphasized how much he appreciated Walker as a Celtic.

It's easy to look at trades through an objective lens. But it's important to remember that these deals change the lives of those who are involved.

For Kemba, it means leaving behind all of his teammates to start over in a rebuilding organization. It means moving from a place like Boston to Oklahoma City.

No doubt, it's a tough break for Kemba. But, hopefully, he will find success and happiness with his new team and wherever else he might go moving forward.