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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Are 'Closer Than Ever'


Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both have very big decisions to make this summer. But whatever happens these next few weeks, their paths will likely cross before it is all said and done.

In a recent episode of his podcast, "Brian Windhorst and the Hoop Collective," ESPN's Brian Windhorst revealed the most recent dynamic between the relationship of Durant and Irving.

“I’ve had someone reputable this week tell me their relationship is as strong as ever, that Durant and Kyrie talk every day and, if not, text every day.”

The two were apparently inseparable during February's All-Star weekend.

"I was talking to some people who were with 'Team Free Agent', I mean 'Team LeBron' at All-Star, and they said that Kyrie and KD were like a middle school couple that weekend. Eating together. ... They were doing drills together at practice. 'I'll rebound for you. You rebound for me. I'll post you up. You post me up.' They were eating together. They went to Miami together after the weekend. Kyrie started calling him 'my best friend.'"

The timing of their growing friendship is impeccable. As rumors swirl that both stars are looking for a change in scenery, their newfound bond is leading many to believe they will share the court together next season.

Both players have faced a lot of criticism for the way they have handled change in the past. Kevin Durant betrayed the Thunder, electing to take an easy route to a Championship. Kyrie, meanwhile, forced his way out of Cleveland to try leading his own team in Boston.

Similar stories, a strong bond, and a perfect opportunity will all present an interesting scenario this summer. One that both Kyrie and Durant might be inclined to take.