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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard ‘Would Consider’ Joining The Brooklyn Nets

(via Deadspin)

(via Deadspin)

The Brooklyn Nets are suddenly one of the brightest young teams in the league after coming off a hard-fought first-round matchup against the Sixers. Their future looks bright, with D'Angelo Russell and a multitude of young stars ready to take over.

This summer, however, things could drastically improve for them.

According to a SportsNet New York report, three of the league's top free-agents will at least consider signing with the team this summer.

Several league sources have told SNY that top-tier free agents, including Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonardand Tobias Harris, will at least consider Brooklyn this upcoming July when it's time to find their next home - if they decide to leave.

"Making the playoffs definitely helped their chances," one source said.

The Nets have done a great job rebuilding their franchise after the infamous failure of the "Big Three" involving Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Deron Williams.

But with the team due for a major summer of decision making ahead, nobody knows what their status will be next season. D'Angelo is also a free agent, so the Nets risk losing him, even if they fail to sign the top free agents.

Nonetheless, to even be considered in the running for their services shows a lot about the progress they have made over these past few seasons. This summer may validate everything they have built since then.