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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Prefers A Move To The New York Knicks

NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Favoring A Move To The New York Knicks

Rumors come and go regarding Kevin Durant and how he feels about the Golden State Warriors and the way they handled his injuries during the last postseason, something that might play a huge role on Durant’s decision to either stay with the Dubs or leave the organization, with several teams waiting to get their chance to take KD out of California.

The New York Knicks are one of the teams who still keep tabs on Durantula and the player is reportedly seeing with good eyes a move to Madison Square Garden. NBA insider Ric Bucher joined The Herd with Colin Cowherd on Tuesday to report that Durant actually prefers to sign with the Knicks this offseason.

Moreover, he also said that Durant and Kyrie Irving have “met a couple of times” since Durant’s calf strain injury and after Durant’s surgery for his ruptured Achilles.

“My understanding is that they’ve been talking about potentially playing together for years since playing on the national team together," Bucher said.

He also added that Irving is favoring a move to the Nets instead of the Knicks, and although Kyrie looks very close to completing a deal with Brooklyn, it seems unlikely for Durant to join the 2016 NBA champion’s footsteps. Bucher then explained why Durant is going to pick the Knicks as his next team this summer:

“He has so many ties to the Knicks organization. He’s the godfather of Royal Ivey’s daughter, a Texas alum, and a former teammate at OKC. Those guys are really good friends and he’s still an assistant coach with the Knicks. There is even a report that DeAndre Jordan, who played for the Knicks last year is close with KD, could add fodder.”

Durant and the Warriors are expected to meet this week before the free agency starts, along with Klay Thompson. However, knowing how unsure he is with the way his team managed his wounds in recent times, some may think we’re living the last days of the 2014 NBA MVP as part of the Warriors organization.