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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Should Choose Nets Over Knicks In Free Agency

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

Much has been made about Kevin Durant's upcoming free agency. As he closes in on a third straight NBA Championship, the status of his future hangs in the balance.

And despite the rumors about his interest in the Knicks, a trip to Brooklyn might be in his future. According to Zion Olojede of Complex, the Nets may provide the superstar with the best opportunity.

“Let’s compare. Talent? Brooklyn’s better. Coaching? Brooklyn’s better. Front office? Brooklyn’s better by a landslide. To add to that, the Nets have a system that is perfect for Durant. They have an uptempo offense that takes the fifth-most threes per game and relies on the pick-and-roll heavily. They’re third in the NBA in percentage of made unassisted threes, which caters to a guy who feeds off pull-up threes in transition. Defensively, they’d benefit with KD serving as an additional shot blocker next [to] Jarrett Allen and bolstering a weak defense.”

The reason the Knicks have gained so much traction in free agency is because of the size of their market. Playing in New York draws unprecedented media attention, and draws worldwide stardom for a star who plays there. Because the Knicks have been so bad recently, any star who signs there will be viewed as a savior.

Brooklyn, while maybe not in the same degree, offers a lot of those same attributes. They are a young and upcoming team with little to no success in the postseason. Plus, it is still in New York, the roster is better, and they are building a winning culture.

The field will be open for KD to make his move, and he will have a number of options to choose regardless of what happens in the playoffs. Is it so strange to say Brooklyn poses as significant of a threat as anyone to secure his services?