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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Undecided Among 4 Teams Ahead Of Free Agency

NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Undecided Among 4 Teams Ahead Of Free Agency

The Kevin Durant saga is far away from finished right now, as the Golden State Warriors star doesn’t look to have a clear answer about where he will be playing next campaign. Even though there have been reports suggesting that KD would be landing in the Knicks or Nets, nothing is 100% sure right now, and less seeing the latest reports regarding this matter.

Every day you can find a new report stating something different about KD, but now things might look clearer for all the people following how this series develops. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Durant has shortlisted his choices down to four teams: the Warriors, Knicks, Nets, and Clippers.

This news comes the same day Durant announced he had declined his $31.5 million player option with the Warriors and was officially ready to try his luck in the open market.

The decision sparkled rumors suggesting KD was to re-sign with the Warriors and eventually be dealt as part of what would be a late sign-and-trade. If so, he could get himself some financial security during his rehab, and Golden State make sure that they won’t lose their best player for nothing. However, some say that now there's a reason to believe that if he comes back with the Warriors, it will be for the long haul.

Even though he’s recovering from an Achilles injury, no team interested in the superstar have shown their fear of offering him a max deal. The Warriors, of course, have a little advantage over the rest since they are able to offer him more money and an extra year than their rivals due to holding his Bird rights.

Still, Golden State is not safe yet. Durant can still leave the franchise this offseason with his next destination being either New York or Los Angeles. You can say only four teams in competition for a player make things easy, but that’s not how things work in the NBA.