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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Wants Mark Jackson To Coach The Brooklyn Nets

(via NetsDaily)

(via NetsDaily)

As the Brooklyn Nets prepare to fight for their playoff spot in Orlando, their coaching search continues back home, where a number of candidates have emerged.

One of which may be ex-Warriors coach Mark Jackson -- a name that may be KD's first choice.

(via ESPN’s Brian Windhorst on his “Hoop Collective”)

“If you’re paying close attention to social media. Rich Kleiman, who is Kevin Durant’s business partner and is very influential, has been Tweeting about Mark Jackson recently.

“He hasn’t Tweeted, ‘I want Mark Jackson to coach the Nets’, but there was a story in the New York Post just this last week where it was posited about Mark Jackson or Jason Kidd, who obviously was with the Nets before and left after one year. You know, (Kleiman) pretty much said he liked the idea. It is known that Mark Jackson and Kevin Durant have a good relationship. Those Tweets and the Jackson/Nets possible connection with Durant have not gone unnoticed in the NBA.”

The Nets are looking for a well-known, player-friendly coach and Jackson fits the bill. His last coaching stint with the Warriors ended in 2014 and though his tenure ended before they won their first Championship, he is credited with helping develop the players and the team identity.

Among names like Jacque Vaughn, Jason Kidd, and Jeff Van Gundy, Jackson certainly seems like the most intriguing candidate.

The hope for Brooklyn is that they find a brilliant coaching mind who can handle and manage big personalities. Whether it's Jackson or some other notable name, you can expect them to think long and hard before making their final decision.