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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Will Return For Game 5



The Toronto Raptors stand on the edge of earning their first Championship in franchise history. If they close out tonight, just 48 minutes, they will finally finish a two-decade-long dream for the city of Toronto.

But as the Raptors close in on their goal, the Warriors are closing in on their own. After a one-game absence, Klay Thompson came back to play in Game 4, and now Kevin Durant might be suiting up as well.

On ESPN's "Get Up!" Jay Williams (a source close to KD) made it clear he will likely take the court tonight.

"I met Kevin Durant last night. I would be shocked if he didn't play tonight."

KD's return can not come soon enough for the Warriors. A mysterious calf injury has kept him from the Finals so far, and reports indicate that some of the Warriors players are starting to question his absence. All the while, Toronto has been pushing them to the brink.

It will be an uphill battle to win the series after being down 3-1. It is certainly possible, but the Warriors will need Kevin Durant.

As far as the summer, nobody knows what is on his mind. The Knicks are currently leading the sweepstakes, but if KD can lead this team to a Championship after being down 3-1 to the best squad in the East, it is easy to see how that might change things.