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NBA Rumors: Klay Thompson Will Not Meet With Lakers This Offseason

Klay Thompson

In many folks' minds, Klay Thompson is a Warrior's lifer. Considering his attitude towards free agency and towards the Warriors, that is a fair assumption. Still, the possibility remains that Thompson could end up somewhere else, especially if Golden State offers up anything less than the max.

The Lakers are hopeful for their chances, but maybe it is time for them to give up on that dream. According to ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburne, he might not even meet with the Lakers when they continue rebuilding their roster in the coming offseason.

“Guys, I don’t think Klay even gives the Lakers a meeting. If [the Warriors] don’t give him the full max, I think he goes someplace else. I really don’t think Klay gives the Lakers a meeting.”

Good news for the Lakers is that Thompson is not the only star available this summer.

The bad news is, the other "available" stars may not be favoring the Lakers either. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are said to have their eyes set on New York, while Kahwi Leonard is looking like a lock to wear a Clippers jersey next season.

There is little doubt the Lakers will have to step up their recruiting efforts this summer, or they may have to enter their season short-handed for the second straight year. Unfortunately for Magic and Rob, this summer will be no breeze, but failure is just not an option.