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NBA Rumors: Knicks "Open" To Taking On A Big Contract Like Russell Westbrook Or Chris Paul

(via Space City Scoop)

(via Space City Scoop)

Following another finish near the bottom of the standings, the New York Knicks find themselves in a state of flux, with new management and a new head-coach likely charting the way for a new direction for the franchise.

According to Basketball Insider's Steve Kyler, part of their plan may involve two high-profile names on big contracts.

The Knicks' years-long search for a star isn't lost on anyone. As an active team in free agency and the trade market, they've been trying for a while now to acquire a superstar. Unfortunately, the search has not yet yielded the desired results.

Due to make over $85 million in the next two seasons, taking on Chris Paul's contract would be an enormous risk for the Knicks. But with his leadership, experience, and offensive playmaking abilities, acquiring the 10x All-Star may be worth consideration.

As for Russell Westbrook, the criticisms include ball-control, turnover rate, and poor shot selection. However, as a top athlete in his prime, with an MVP to his name, his arrival should help reverse the gloomy feeling within the organization and inspire optimism once again.

Regardless of what happens with either player, the Knicks are intent on bringing in reinforcements that can turn their situation around. Considering their new personnel and stockpile of assets, they seem closer than ever to meeting that goal.