NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving May Prefer Nets Over Knicks

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Nobody is quite certain of the status of Kyrie Irving this summer. His verbal commitment to Boston has long been forgotten now, and it seems anything is possible for the 6x All-Star.

In the latest update provided by the New York Daily News, the superstar guard might actually end up with the Nets.

New York is expected to make a summer run at point guard Kyrie Irving, but the Brooklyn Nets are also in the running for the enigmatic champion. In fact, some sources around the league believe Irving prefers the Nets. In an interview done recently with NBATV, David Griffin — who was the Cavs GM at the same time Irving played for Cleveland — suggested that was the case.

Not only are the Nets a better-run organization, but they are already poised to make the postseason with D'Angelo Russell leading the way. Brooklyn is 7th in the East with a 39-38 record. Adding Kyrie would definitely vault their position in the conference.

But the chase for Kyrie will not be a solo one. The Lakers, Knicks, Nets, and Clippers will be in hot pursuit of his services. It will be interesting how this all ends...