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NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving No Longer Committed To The Boston Celtics?

Kyrie Irving

It was just a few months ago that we heard Kyrie Irving unofficially commit to the Boston Celtics. From that moment on, people crossed Irving off of the soon-to-be-available list. After all, why would he leave the Celtics anyway?

Now, with over half the season behind him, it seems Kyrie may be having second thoughts about his future in Boston.

He verbally committed to staying with the Celtics for half a decade but then won't do the same when asked about it months later? Sounds just really troubling for the Celtics, who took a huge risk in trading for him in the first place. If they lose Irving, they'll still have a lot of pieces to work with, but it would be a huge blow nonetheless. It's an even bigger deal to the other NBA teams, who can now add Irving to their potential gets this summer. And in a time where a ridiculous number of stars are already looking for a new team, adding Irving t the mix is only going to make things even more intense.