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NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving "Willing" To Sit Out The Rest Of The 2021 Season

(via Elite Sports NY)

(via Elite Sports NY)

The Nets have finally cut the rope on a James Harden trade, and Kyrie Irving is apparently part of the reason why.

After weeks of back-and-forth, the Nets made the move official today, sending off a haul of players and picks to create the NBA's newest "big three."

But, according to Jason Dumas, the deal was also a fail-safe of sorts in the event Kyrie Irving might miss the rest of the season (for reasons that are still unknown).

Irving's disappearance began after the D.C. riots, which saw a mob of angry pro-Trumpers storm the Capitol building. He sat out for a game and every game since then, without really providing any reasoning.

Now, the word is that he might never return this season. Whether in protest of the current political landscape, or some personal issue, or just for some mission to take a vacation, Kyrie is stirring up a lot of trouble for Brooklyn, and it seems even the team is starting to get tired of it.

The good news is, James Harden's arrival should help improve the situation. The bad news is, it won't solve the distraction Irving's antics have been for Brooklyn and for the NBA.