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NBA Rumors: Lakers Could Target Paul Millsap If He Gets A Buyout

Paul Millsap

Paul Millsap is a forward who currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets. He is a former All-Star, and while he is definitely isn't an All-Star anymore, he is still a solid defensive forward who can be effective in limited minutes.

While Paul Millsap had a very respectable season last year for the Nets, he has struggled this year and has faced a reduction in minutes as compared to last season. It is clear that with the ascendance of some of the younger players on the roster, Millsap's role has been marginal for the Nets. 

Perhaps another situation could be beneficial for Paul Millsap. Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report has recently revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers could target Millsap if the Brooklyn Nets buy out his contract.

And while it's believed Paul Millsap would prefer to land in Chicago, having a connection to Bulls lead executive Arturas Karnisovas from their shared Denver days, Los Angeles has been mentioned as a suitor for Millsap should he reach the buyout market. 

The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled with their defense all season, and perhaps Paul Millsap can be a player that helps them rectify that issue. While he would likely be a player that plays spot minutes, there's definitely some value to a player that can come in and get stops, while spacing the floor a little bit.

There is no question that the Los Angeles Lakers need to figure out a way to improve in the coming weeks. While some have expressed the idea that the Lakers could potentially put it all together and start winning over a stretch of games, time is quickly running out for the team to do so. Paul Millsap definitely won't fix all of the Los Angeles Lakers' problems, but getting him on a small contract could benefit the team.