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NBA Rumors: Lakers Had To Stop Lonzo From Getting Unauthorized Surgery On His Left Ankle In Late February

(via the Los Angeles Times)

(via the Los Angeles Times)

In yet another story of dysfunction within the Lakers organization, Shams Charania reported what could have been a very catastrophic situation for the team.

One of the headaches and near-debacles of the final stretch of Johnson’s tenure came in late February. In what could have been a catastrophe, the Lakers needed to prevent point guard Lonzo Ball from undergoing a potential unauthorized surgery on his left ankle that was planned by estranged former business partner Alan Foster and with LaVar Ball’s knowledge, multiple team and league sources told The Athletic.

Lonzo Ball traveled to Ohio in late February to potentially go through with a procedure on his injured ankle, pushed by Foster, a source familiar with the situation told The Athletic. The family had experience with the doctor who would perform the procedure as he had also operated on LiAngelo Ball, the source said.

The Lakers found out about Ball’s situation when Lonzo Ball called General Manager Rob Pelinka, and the organization informed him that they would not allow it and could void his contract, sources said. The Lakers then arranged transportation to bring Ball home, sources said. This could have been a disastrous moment for the Lakers, with a core player potentially undergoing a procedure that could have blindsided the organization. But Johnson and Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka communicated with those around Lonzo, working with his then-agent Harrison Gaines to squash the procedure and bring him back to Los Angeles, sources around the team with knowledge of the situation said. Gaines declined to comment when reached by phone.

If Lonzo had gotten the unauthorized procedure, the Lakers could have voided his contract. Ankle surgery (like all surgery) is very risky and could have had a profound impact on Lonzo's career.

Not to mention the implications of Ball literally going against his team.

Thins like this are what derailed the season for the Lakers. Whoever replaces Johnson will have to be willing and able to handle problems just like this.

It is a very important summer indeed for Los Angeles.