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NBA Rumors: Lakers Have Given Up On Signing Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony

Magic Johnson got the get of a lifetime with the acquisition of LeBron James. The moment he committed to the team was the moment they regained their relevancy in a crowded Western Conference.

As this season is quickly showing them, even LeBron James isn't enough to get the job done. Not at 34 years old, and not in the West. After their failed attempt at trading for Anthony Davis, the Lakers will likely look at the buyout market for their last remaining roster spot.

Surprisingly, it sounds like Carmelo Anthony is no longer on that radar, in a new report by Brandon “Scoob B” Robinson.

“Carmelo Anthony would’ve been the Lakers top buyout target had they depleted their roster in an Anthony Davis trade. Now that the Lakers brought in Bullock & Muscala, Melo isn’t as much of a top priority as before, I’m hearing.”

Had the Lakers pulled off the deal for A.D., they would have likely brought in Melo to help fill out their roster following the trade. Though, with the deadline behind them, there's no real use for Anthony anymore.

He doesn't really fulfill any of the Lakers' needs, and it's hard to see how he would help the team make their postseason push.

For now, Rob Pelinka and the front-office will be looking elsewhere, with their eyes apparently looking towards DeAndre Jordan or Zach Randolph, should they become available. As for Melo, well, the prospect of him making an NBA return just got a little tougher.