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NBA Rumors: Lakers Looking To Add Center, But They Can Forget About DeAndre Jordan

Los Angeles Lakers Looking To Add Center, But Knicks Say It Won’t Be DeAndre Jordan

The Lakers are looking to using their open roster spot, especially after an ugly loss to the lowly Grizzlies. There was speculation that DeAndre Jordan may be acquired, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Friday is the last day that teams can sign free agents that would be allowed to play in the playoffs. Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times says there's no chance the Lakers can attain Jordan by Friday, especially since the Knicks aren’t interested in buying him out. The Knicks made it clear that they want to keep Jordan in hopes of having him reignite a struggling franchise, so this was forthcoming.

The Lakers wouldn’t mind adding another big man, according to people not authorized to speak publicly. But one player the Lakers can forget about is Knicks center DeAndre Jordan, because New York has no intention of buying him out, according to one person.

It looks like the Lakers will have to look at other options going forward. Whatever they do, they must do it quick. They are three games behind the eighth and final playoff spot with 22 games left in the season. If they continue to play the way they’ve been playing, it doesn’t look like they’re going to make the postseason.

The Lakers already have JaVale McGee and Tyson Chandler at center, but they’re still looking to add a big man because of their lack of power forwards. Players like Greg Monroe, Zach Randolf, and Marcin Gortat have been thrown around, but nothing is ever for sure with the Purple and Gold. The Lakers have dabbled with the idea of signing Carmelo Anthony, and the team is even considering calling up Travis Wear from the G-League.

The Lakers could use a new player to stir things up because they have lost the last two games against bottom-10 teams. This may not be the ending LeBron planned for, but he’s going to have to bring his best game to get the Lakers to the 8th spot. It’s still not a nice ending then, as the Lakers would have to face the Warriors in the first round. It looks like an uphill battle for Los Angeles.