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NBA Rumors: Lakers Not A Frontrunner For Any Top Free Agents This Summer

(via Business Insider)

(via Business Insider)

The Lakers may be leading the clubhouse in the Anthony Davis trade sweepstakes, but they are likely to strike out entirely in NBA free agency. Mired in dysfunction and drama, the Lakers brand has become a laughing stock, one many potential stars deem not worthy of their services.

As a result, their chances to land a top free agent remain slim.

Their best hope for getting some help remains on the trade market. It will cost almost the entire young core, but the Lakers really have no choice -- they must make a move for Anthony Davis.

If they fail to secure a deal and strike out on stars in free agency as well, we might see LeBron James force his hand.

The bottom line is though, for L.A., they have a lot of fixing to do before they become the team the world expects them to be. A leadership structure must be established and the right basketball minds have to be making the tough calls: even if it involves trading away an essential young piece.