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NBA Rumors: Lakers Reportedly Risk Losing LeBron James If They Don’t Make Big Moves This Summer

NBA Rumors: Lakers Reportedly Risk Losing LeBron James If They Don’t Make Big Moves This Summer

Everybody knows what the current situation of the Los Angeles Lakers is and everybody knows that they are keeping their hopes to go back to be a contender team on LeBron James. However, this season proved that having LeBron within their ranks wasn’t enough for the Californians and now they are putting all their efforts in finding a couple of good assets that can assist the King to lift this team to the top.

Nevertheless, with the mess that the organization is right now, nobody is completely sure on the team’s next moves but they are very aware that they are just a significant free agent or trade addition away from being championship contenders again and having in mind that they have LBJ on the roster, things look much easier for the Purple and Gold.

Still, perhaps the King won’t have too much patience and will end up deciding to leave the team if the Lakers don’t make some big moves in the summer.

During an appearance on The Sedano Show, Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times and ESPN's Dave McMenamin said they have reason to believe the Lakers might be on the beginning of the end of the LeBron era since the King could demand to leave the team if they are unable to bring at least another superstar to support him. This is how the conversation went down:

Bill Plaschke: I'm hearing that if they whiff on free agency, and if they whiff on a trade, which I don't know how likely that is, but if that happens, they've got big trouble with LeBron. I mean the LeBron era could be over before it starts here.

Dave McMenamin: Everyone I speak to associated with LeBron, they are holding the rope for now, and all they can do is be positive because this is going to be a crucial five-week stretch. But on the other side of that, if it's July 10th in Los Angeles and it's Nic Vucevic (that the Lakers have had to settle for), or whomever does not meet the criterion of bringing in a star who can make them an immediate contender, you could only imagine where things could go.

Plaschke: I heard this for the first time yesterday, somebody very connected said 'You know what, if they whiff, LeBron's going to say either I'm out of here or get me out of here, or the Lakers just might as well just get him out of here.' So this is huge.

It’s mandatory to say that James is under contract with the Lakers for at least the next two seasons. The final year of his four-year contract is a player option, so he can opt out of his contract after three years in the summer of 2021. If he decides someday he doesn’t want to be with the Lakers anymore, the team wouldn't have to grant him that.

Still, it is very possible that if the Lakers don’t make any significant signing in the summer, the King would probably decide to abandon the team and take his talents somewhere else. Good thing for the Lakers is that they look set to make some big moves in the offseason and keep LBJ with them. Now we have to wait to see which player they’re going to land, as they are reportedly interested in several, with Anthony Davis sitting at the top of their wishlist.