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NBA Rumors: Lakers To Improve Their Squad On Free Agency Instead Of Blockbuster Trades

LeBron James

Following a very disappointing season, the Los Angeles Lakers are already planning what they will do the upcoming offseason in order to improve the level of the squad. The Purple and Gold are already starting to figure out the way they will be landing big names and how the team is going to be built next season.

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the Californians ever since they got eliminated from the competition, mostly talking about the potential trades they could make in order to land or get rid of certain players. Now, that doesn’t look like a plausible option for the Lakers right now, as the team will reportedly intend to sign star players on free agency rather than making blockbuster exchanges.

During his participation on ESPN LA 710’s “The Sedano Show,” Dave McMenamin of ESPN reported that the Lakers have made it clear to their coaching candidates that they’re planning on making some huge moves in free agency.

“I’ve heard that some of the discussion that the coaching candidates have had with Lakers management has been (directed) more-so towards their plans for free agency this summer versus their plans to change their roster via trade. And so, if they’re not going to go for a roster-shaping trade this year and it’s gotta be through free agency... you either show up or you don’t. And if you don’t, the consequence is: It could create a really tough situation to live in if you’re LeBron James. So I think precarious is the best way to describe (the situation).”

Now the thing is to see what movements the team will make from now on; this free agency will be one of the hottest we have seen in recent years and they have a huge chance to make some splash. Players like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler or Kemba Walker will be available this upcoming offseason and one or a couple of them might be playing for the Purple and Gold next season if the Lakers make the right offer.

They need to move fast as they have $38 million to spend, and their window to spend it ends this summer. Maybe the instability of the team will have considerable participation this free agency and specific players will choose to play for another team before going to L.A. The Lakers need to think and do everything well, as this might also define what LeBron James is going to do with his talents.