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NBA Rumors: Lakers Warned Dwight Howard Not to Disrupt Team



It's official: Dwight Howard will return to the Los Angeles Lakers.

But after his latest four-year stretch involved him being sent to four different teams, he is joining the team under very different circumstances than he joined the first time.

His reputation has been smacked and he has been labeled as a "locker room" cancer for at least the past few seasons.

With this in mind, the team gave him a warning ahead of time that they will let him go if he becomes a distraction.

Even as an emotional, 33-year-old center past his prime, Howard still has a lot to offer the Lakers. His defense and production around the rim will help them to earn easy second-chance points off the glass and will improve their interior defense.

The big question for Dwight is his humility. Can he accept a minor role and play within the flow of the team? That remains to be seen, but the Lakers will waste no time getting him out if they find that the answer is no.